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Job description

The role of the Head of Product Analytics is one of leadership and direction for various functional areas. The Head of Product Analytics manages professionals at the managerial and supervisory levels. He ensures that there is the provision of appropriate resources in order to achieve the business’s, and more specifically, the product’s financial objectives and as such Head of Product Analytics shapes, influences, and integrates strategies for various functional areas.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

First and foremost, the Head of Product Analytics has a direct supervisory duty over the Product Analyst and the Senior Product Analyst; to ensure that both roles are being executed and with utmost efficiency. In this capacity the Head of Product Analytics ensures that product progress and status reviews are delivered on time and any corrective measures are also effected in a timely fashion. Also, apart from being a supervisor the Head of product Analytics is also a mentor to his juniors (Product Analyst and Senior Product Analyst) and guides them in such activities as drawing analytic insights and the preparation of presentations, proposals, and recommendations.

Data Analysis:

The role of the Head of Product Analytics also demands that, in conjunction with the data analysis conducted by his juniors,he conduct his own analysis and develops a presentation of his findings along with recommendations. These findings and recommendations are then presented to thestakeholders of all levels within the business. In this capacity the Head of Product Analytics works with large data sets in order to provide insight driven support for decision making involving the business’s product.


Just like his two juniors, the role of the Head of Product Analytics is one where he is tasked with collaboration with other departments. In this case he is tasked to partner up with the Management Personnel of both the Product department and the Content department for the purpose of coming up with game changing insight for the product through data analysis.

Autonomous Operations:

Being an individual of vast skill, capability, and experience, the Head of Product Analytics independently manages projects of different complexities with minimal supervision. He is expected to fully understand the business’s objectives and how to align them with the goals of the product project he is working on without much directive.

Policy Making:

The Head of product Analytics has the responsibility of establishing policies, practices, standards, and security measures for the business. This is done in deliberation with other departmental heads, for example, the Director of Product Management.

Goal Formulation:

The Head of Product Analytics develops and communicates goals, tactics, strategies, timelines, project plans, as well as key performance metrics necessary for product success. This formulation is done in conjunction with the Managerial Personnel of other Product departments and later relayed to directors and stakeholders for approval. In this capacity, the Head of Product Analytics will also constantly review all current systems, plans, strategies, tactics, and metrics and their application in order to efficiently weed out any weak structures and implement new and more effective ones.

Problem Solving:

The Head of product Analytics is also a problem solver in the business who recommends solutions and alternative solutions in order to correct product issuesas well as issues in operating strategies.


With additional input from the Senior Product Analyst, the Head of Product Analytics develops manages and develops budgets for the business in order to ensure that all necessary resources in the product’s roadmap are available and properly allocated.

Requirements & Skills

  • A Masters/Degree in Business Administration would be preferable or an equivalent in working experience.
  • An ideal candidate has amassed 10 years in experience as a Senior Product Analyst.
  • Ability to grasp new and complex analytic techniques and principles in order to keep the business up to date.
  • The Head of Product Analysis must be a good team player on top of having the ability to work comfortably across multiple disciplines and fields.
  • With all the interaction that accompanies this role, a good candidate will be a person with excellent people skills in order to facilitate smooth communication and collaboration
  • Other competencies necessary to make a good Head of Product Analytics are such as; Attention to detail and Strong problem solving skills.

More Information

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