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Job Description

Mechanical engineers develop, design, build, test, and inspect mechanical devices and systems. Involves tasks such as sampling materials for the final product. Utilizing any software to create designs, and determining the process guidelines for optimum functionality. Creating and advice product specification base on target, goals and requirement.

Ability to make conceptualize ideas and create designs based around them. Mechanical engineer should have excellent communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Designing Prototype:

• The first stage of a product development engineer’s job is to produce CAD drawings which will serve as the initial concept to be developed further into the final product.

• Fine-tuning designs until they are ready for production.

• Fabricating prototypes for testing

Testing Product:

• Product development engineers test products to evaluate any problems and estimate the cost of finding a resolution

• Through tests at various stages of the design process, they can identify any areas which may cause a problem further into the production stage.

Sampling & analysing existing process to improvement:

• With materials playing such a crucial role in the final product, it’s important that product development engineers sample different materials to find which is best suited to the brief.

• Product development engineers look at existing processes and products to identify areas where they can be improved, which includes updating current documentation.

Quality Control:

• Product development engineers develop the criteria for quality control and safety guidelines to ensure that every member of the team knows what action need to take on.

Requirements & Skills

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or a related field. Previous experience in product development.
  • Good working knowledge of manufacturing processes, materials, and quality control protocols
  • Communication skills: product development engineers need to communicate effectively with colleagues, as well as clearly convey what is needed from a brief.
  • Creativity involves finding innovative and different ways to create and design products, so product development engineers should have a creative mindset and approach to tasks
  • Problem solving abilities as issues with a design arise, product development engineers need to be able to fix them and find a resolution as quickly as possible, so troubleshooting skills are a must
  • Math skills, product development engineers should have strong math skills, including calculus and statistics, to make accurate measurements and designs

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